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Rolling Papers Included

Pouch Tobacco Sufficiency
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I have started smoking roll-your-own pouch tobacco due to heavily taxed prices and my continuing addiction. Anyways, I always seem to lose my papers/misplace them or simply run out - (papers are bought seperately from the tobacco).

My idea is to have two packs of papers attached to the packet (or one larger pack). Surely the respective tobacco companies could join forces with Ventti, Tally-Ho, or Rizla etc for mutual gain.

benfrost, Jun 01 2001


       It's true, any free papers that get given away anywhere (I have had them from Golden Virginia, Drum, Samson, and others) are the most horribly inch-thick slabs of industrial-strength paper that, were you to roll up with them, you would be able to taste far more paper than tobacco. The only use I ever found for them was in the gum (which was always thickly laid on), which you could quite easily transfer to a normal (light-weight) rizla that was coming unstuck. But that was only when I had ran out of Swan blues, which have gum that can be trusted to stick by itself, your honour.
vincebowdren, Jun 01 2001

       how? your honour
benfrost, Jun 01 2001

       I was wondering where all these darn rolling papers were coming from...now I know. Stop it, my room is littered with them.
Reverend D, Jun 01 2001

       Sounds good on paper waugs, but it doesn't work. I managed to give up the weed for a couple of years but most of my mates in the cricket team smoke like chimneys and it's damn difficult not to join in if you've had the habit and they're all blowing smoke in your face after the game.
DrBob, Jun 01 2001

       [DrBob]: You just have to want sufficiently to stop. If you do, you can. Sounds awfully smug, I know, but it can be done. I stopped ten years ago; I picked a date which was significant to me and decided that on that date I would stop. Since then i've never been tempted. There have been times when I've thought 'if I smoked, I'd have one now, but I don't'. 'You're either a smoker or a non-smoker; decide which one you are and be that person.' (Quote from Robin Williams's character in some film.)
angel, Jun 02 2001

       Smoked...The only sort of roll-your-own that the convenience store where I worked sold was Bugler, which came with a little pack o' five.   

       This one lady would always come in, buy a whatsit of Bugler <Wasn't a pouch, wasn't a box or can. Was sort of a thin paper wrapper.>, unwrap the plastic, remove the papers and give the package back to me, saying to give it to someone who wanted it. <grin> I asked one time why, and she said that it was cheaper to buy the equivalent amount of Bugler and pitch it for the five papers than it was to buy one pack of Zig-Zags <take off every zig-zag>.   

       I told her later that she made a little old man very happy, as he would usually come in a day or so after her, and I'd give him her tobacco, so he got twice as much.   

       I never understood why the package was like a whole ounce, and they only gave you five papers, tho. <I don't smoke, so you might be able to fit the whole thing in one, but I had the impression that it was not possible..>
StarChaser, Jun 02 2001

       This is a great idea and all... but it's already been done. A brand of cigarettes known as Bali Shags includes with their tobacco a packet of papers attatched to the bag, and these papers are of high quality. The tobacco itself is also great, being highly potent and having a pleasant after taste. I prefer it over all other cigarette brands, and is great to calm down any time. Look it up, I'm sure you'll be pleased.
Salty Ham, Jan 10 2002


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