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Nerd Cologne

Soliciting self-recursive acronyms...
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A cologne that will make you smell like a nerd.

Mimics the odors of Mountain Dew, pizza, trading card game cards, and floppy disks. Available in stylish bottles that look just like absurd weapons from D&D or Doom ("Honey, have you seen my BFG bottle?")

Has a EULA on the inside of the bottle that can only be read through eyeglass lenses above a certain refractive correction.

EDIT: [pertinax] has provided an acronym: //SCENT Can Encapsulate Nerdy Tendencies//

shapu, Jul 22 2005

My inspiration http://www.delias.c...ilter=&brandFilter=
[shapu, Jul 22 2005]

My inspiration, everyday. http://www.quotationspage.com/wotd.html
Skinny, lanky, is cool. Don't know DOOM. [blissmiss, Jul 23 2005]

Shameless Plug http://www.thesadbastard.com
I think 'geek chic' is a contradiction in terms. This, on the other hand, is, er, something else. [pertinax, Oct 24 2006]


       Please say that there'll be a Nerd Perfume for gals...   

       I'd spray it on my sister
Not a drop will have missed her
By the time I'm finished
Her popularity will have... diminished.

       Okay, that was mean, sorry.
froglet, Jul 22 2005

       Oh, that wasn't mean.   

       Some verse about your sister?   

       That was Poetry.
dbsousa, Jul 22 2005

       This is an insalubrious, mess of an idea. And unkind to many bakers. (Heydb, whatcha think of the new Stop 'n Shop?)
blissmiss, Jul 23 2005

       Honestly, [blissmiss], I won't argue with any of your criticisms. But just to clarify, I'm a skinny, lanky, DOOM-playing computer jockey. I decided that for this idea, I should stick to what I know. Among other things, it made the research phase a snap.   

       Excellent use of the word "insalubrious," btw.
shapu, Jul 23 2005

       Oh, and I don't usually vote against ideas, only if they are really offensive. I tend to vote for ideas I like. So that -, is not mine.
blissmiss, Jul 23 2005

       <in response to solicitation for self-recursive acronym>   

       SCENT Can Encapsulate Nerdy Tendencies   

pertinax, Oct 23 2006

       It's geek chic. Quite the rage I understand.
theleopard, Oct 23 2006

       Well... I wasn't here when this idea first came out, [Frank].   

       Now I am here, though, I'm going to plug my own 'nerd pride' site: see link. :)   

       Oh, and the tax returns are pretty late as well, thanks for asking.
pertinax, Oct 24 2006

       Floppy disks? What year is this?
DRstrathmore, Oct 24 2006


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