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Perfume Depot

Store that scent!
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Love that smell? Frustrated at how fast it wears off? Wish there was something you could do to make your cologne last longer? Now there is!

BUNGCO is proud to introduce the Perfume Depot system! The system is modeled after those oily air fresheners which slowly leak out air freshener over many weeks. These are made of an oil impregnated with perfumes. With the Perfume Dept, ones own body adiposity is used for the same purpose.

The Perfume Depot comes in all the BUNGCO perfume aromas you have come to love, in a proprietary mix with DMSO and other ingredients. The mixture is applied to the skin, and penetrates thru to the underlying fat because of the DMSO. There the lipophilic perfume molecules are deposited. Repeated application builds up the perfume stored in fat. The only limit is your amount of fat and desire to smell great!

The perfume will slowly leak out of fat tissue over subsequent days/weeks. Exercise increases perfume excretion - just when you need it! An added bonus - perfume diffuses inwardly as well as outwardly - meaning your sweat, breath all other bodily secretions will smell equally good. What a pleasant surprise during an intimate occasion! The Perfume Dept can be reapplied when it is convenient for _you_. BUNGCO operators are standing by - call now!

bungston, Apr 20 2004

DMSO http://www.dmso.org...nformation/muir.htm
Take with a grain of salt - but basic info looks correct. [bungston, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

DHMO http://www.halfbake...m/idea/www.dhmo.org
A similar combination of letters. Also, a significant component of perfumes. [Elmer Phd, Oct 05 2004]

DHMO http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/www.dhmo
A similar combination of letters. Also, a significant component of perfumes. [Elmer Phd, Oct 06 2004]


       Scented farts?
tchaikovsky, Apr 20 2004

       DMSO does have some rather magical properties, but you may have overlooked the brief mention in your linked article about the garlic odor that it produces. I remember its pervasiveness quite well from the year when my father decided that veterinary DMSO was the perfect antidote to his tennis elbow. You literally could not stay in an enclosed vehicle or small room with him for more than 20 minutes. While DMSO is a terrific transdermal agent, I think that its pronounced odor would be a poor enhancer of most of the perfumes you contemplate.
jurist, Apr 21 2004

       Hmmm - scratch and sniff tattoos...
lostdog, Apr 21 2004

       [jurist] - you would probably want to apply this at night. The volatile DMSO would bleed off by day, or certainly when you showered. The less volatile perfume would take longer to come out.
bungston, Apr 21 2004

       [bungston]-From your link: //As for side effects, Dr. Edelson says: "Occasionally, a patient will develop a headache from it, when used intravenously--and it is dose related." He continues: "If you give a large dose, [the patient] will get a headache. And we use large doses. I have used as much as 30ÝmlÝIV over a couple of hours. The odor is a problem. Some men have to move out of the room [shared] with their wives and into separate bedrooms. That is basically the only problem."//   

       Dad would probably still be using DMSO but he eventually tired of sleeping alone.
jurist, Apr 21 2004

       While I appreciate BUNCO's (oops - I mean BUNGCO's) commitment to promoting their product, I think that many people would prefer the option of changing their scent more frequently than every few weeks. Perhaps some sort of externally-applied microspheres that would break down at a rate proportional to size (=timed-release perfume). Then you could use a special atomizer with appropriately sized holes to apply it as desired. IMO, the most important aspect of this idea is that it would prevent overdosing your neighbours in the elevator each morning (gets a + from me!). Instead of DMSO, I recommend perfumes high in DHMO (see link).
Elmer Phd, Jun 11 2004

       [jurist] Try Windex (cf. My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Smells minty fresh.
Elmer Phd, Jun 11 2004


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