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Nerf-style Tear Gas Delivery System

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My nephew has these tennis racquet shaped air ...guns(?)that are operated by pulling back on a piece of stretchy rubber attached to the racquet frame, aiming it at somebody, and releasing. They are surprisingly effective at a distance of up to 30 feet -- a serious blast of air; enough to make you start, especially if you aren't aware that someone is shooting you until it hits you. Through experimentation, we discovered that they could be used to deliver certain noxious gasses, at a distance, to unprepared targets with spectacular results.

This design could be adapted to deliver tear gas to individuals in crowds, specifically, those being violent. Just arm several police officers with these cheap toys, put a puff of pepper spray or tear gas into each, and deliver appropriately.

CaptainClapper, Aug 26 2009

The Nerf Vulcan http://www.thinkgee...ktoys/warfare/acf6/
The new non-lethal weapon of choice for crowd control [kaz, Aug 26 2009]

20 foot range, a nice pocket piece http://www.kimberam...product.php?xProd=2
[CaptainClapper], putting a puff of pepper spray into your device makes it sound like a muzzle-loader. [normzone, Aug 26 2009]

Airzooka http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/60b6/
not exactly a tennis racquet [DrWorm, Aug 26 2009]


       I was hoping for some velcro tipped nerf darts with tear gas release systems, hooks onto clothes, and intensity of 'dose' varies depending upon how much you get shot/how much of a pain in the arse you're being.
kaz, Aug 26 2009

       Can we call it "Nerf gas"?
phoenix, Aug 26 2009

       that's a lot better than the Puff-Puff Riot Racquet
CaptainClapper, Aug 26 2009

       Are you referring to the... Airzooka? (link)
DrWorm, Aug 26 2009

       Might come in handy at political conventions this year
smendler, Jun 24 2016


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