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Nano-based weapon

A weapon structurally created completely by nanotechnology able to change shape/form/etc based on desired result.
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A hand held weapon made completely from nanotech bots that could reshape themselves to a specific configuration based on a desired result. A set of preconfigured roles (kinetic projectile, explosive, energy, etc.) that could be called up to reconfigure the weapon to morph into what was needed at the time would be ideal to reducing the need for multiple weapons of various categories.
Chrome, Apr 17 2007


       WIBNI [-]
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2007

       Welcome [Chrome]. The help file is clickable to the left, and has tips about ideas. The below text is pasted from that file and explains [Max]'s post.   

       /WIBNI - "Wouldn't It Be Nice If". The invention describes something widely known as desirable, but unobtainable, without giving any new clues as to how it could be done. Ideas that already occur in existing science fiction usually belong here - time travel, stopping time, flying cars, infinite resources, automatic real-time translation, truth-detection, mind reading, etc. /
bungston, Apr 17 2007

       Being my first idea on here I appriciate the insight to a post where someone didn't feel the need to actually explain his/her position but just give me internet jargon so they could improve their 'coolness' rating for use of inter-slang.   

       I agree this is far-fetched, which seems to be the basis of the WIBNI mentality (for lack of obvious vision as well) but this is more of application of use once the tech is there. One could say the same of the simple "Will Work For Food" signs prior to the invention of the Sharpie I would think...but I'm sure they wouldn't say that now considering their wide use.   

       Ahh...but to have vision...   

       (oh, and to be honest, this came to me in a dream last night...just had to post it...cause I gota tell ya...it looked very cool! and yes...WIBNI, I agree.)
Chrome, Apr 17 2007

       You could remedy this idea by providing some way it could be done. A tall order but maybe not impossible. "Nanotech bots" makes me think of those critters in Stargate.   

       Have vision. A different one than this, maybe.
bungston, Apr 17 2007

       Thanks I'll keep my half-(used to be)baked brain in gear then... :)
Chrome, Apr 17 2007

       A concept fully baked by the late Stanislaw Lem in his books "One Human Minute" and "Peace on Earth".
nuclear hobo, Apr 18 2007


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