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Net etiquette

Train some smarter dolphins to spot, avoid and survive nets.
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I have always wondered why a dolphin can't just jump the net or see a fish wriggling in mid water in an unseen way as dangerous. I presume it is just down to taught actions and knowledge and my human perspective.

Of course the initial research has to place dolphins, the pioneers, in with nets in a dolphin safe environment to bootstrap the finding of methods and tricks applicable. These dolphins can then pass the memes onto the young ones and become wise elders of the pods.

Eventually bells, banging and boat hulls will be shrugged off and can be written about in the chatrooms.

wjt, Aug 30 2020


       Unfortunately, nets are designed to be difficult to see, and the filaments are too thin to show up on dolphin sonar. Some nets have a lump of something every so often so they are sonar-visible.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 30 2020

       As soon as the intelligence spikes around the chatrooms, there will be floating toolboxes around them — that you can be sure of.
Mindey, Aug 30 2020


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