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book and tablet reading instruction

A person reads a children's book next to a child holding a tablet; the words actually spoken show up highlighted on the tablet as they are spoken; measure it to see if it teaches reading more effectively
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Sometimes when I read to children I do not think they can see the page well enough to know what printed words go with which word sounds I am making.

Reading from a book with the child also able to look at a tablet might be measurable with eye tracking as improving linking the word said to word viewed.

This tablet and book method would be measured to see if it actually improves reading ability in the children.

beanangel, Mar 12 2019


       //Sometimes when Iread to children// that's worrying.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2019

       Better if the person reading aloud is holding (and reading from) the (big) tablet, which highlights the words. That way, the child's attention isn't divided.
(Aside: I once read a book to a bunch of children (I don't recall the reason or situation...). While normally, the teacher (or whoever is reading) holds the book to one side, so the kids can see it and the teacher looks sideways to the book to read it. However, I can read upside-down; so I simply held the book on my lap (in front of my stomach) and looked DOWN at it to read it while the kids looked on. Some of them were very confused as to how I could do this.)
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 12 2019

       //Some of them were very confused as to how I could do this// perhaps they had never had a teacher who could see past their stomach?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2019


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