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Phone Call Brakes

Stop you car with a phone call
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I had my car stolen not long ago, which made me very angry. So what if you brakes were linked a transmittor that can be controlled by you cell phone. all you do is call the access number and as simple as that you have stopped the car. you could also find out were the car is.
Turkish, Oct 16 2002

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown http://www.technolo...daily.com/node/8191
to 15 mph, via OnStar. It's interesting that they're settling for a gradual slowdown, not a complete stop. [jutta, May 14 2008]


       Was there an "R" in the car when it got stolen?
blissmiss, Oct 16 2002

       "all you do is call the access number and as simple as that you have stopped the car."
Or what's left of it. Don't forget you'll get sued by the occupants as well as the people who rear-ended them.
phoenix, Oct 16 2002

       How about a remote immobiliser then. Dosn't slam the breaks on but will cut the engine and allow the driver to steer into the curb.
dare99, Oct 16 2002

       This would be an okay idea if it didn't involve any remote control of the car. I'm all for dialing a number to find out where your car is, whether in motion or not. Simply report your stolen car along with the special dial-in code to the police and have them track it.
XSarenkaX, Oct 16 2002

       Somewhat baked - any car equipped with OnStar has the ability to be tracked just by calling the service.
bspollard, Dec 09 2002


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