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App to report suspicious people around you when you're scared.
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You can talk to someone if your worried and the app staff can remotely listen take pictures call friends or police or send out drones to check up. You can set it to various stages of emergency, and quantify the sense of danger. Images stay private unless there's a crime.
pashute, Feb 28 2019

Pick Protection https://www.pickprotection.com/
a lone worker app + device [calum, Mar 05 2019]

7 Apps To Keep You Safe When You're Out Alone At Night https://says.com/my...p-you-safe-at-night
These apps cover most of the features described (except the drones, otherwise quite baked). There are lots of others. [tatterdemalion, Mar 25 2019]

Partnership? http://www.lifealert.com/
Somebody make these people an app! [Sgt Teacup, Mar 25 2019]


       Huh? So, the idea is that if you're worried about someone, when you're alone later, you use this app? I don't understand.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2019

       Who you gonna call?...

       I get it. It's good.
You get the three a.m. downtown -alone -waiting -for -a -cab willies and have a feeling that shits about to get real so you hit the Dial-a-friend app and from that point on somebody else is witnessing, storing data from your phone, making a judgement call as to whether police need to be informed at any point, or if drone footage might be needed.

       At some point just yelling, "I've called never alone!" might be enough of a deterrent to prevent a crime... you're not really alone then. (+)   

       Ah, OK, got it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2019

       I'm pretty sure this is baked.
notexactly, Mar 01 2019

       If the app can call in a drone strike, I'm in.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2019

       Of course! Just don't forget the battery life. Should there be a "danger to life" warning, when the battery reaches critical levels?
Mindey, Mar 02 2019

       Working for the wrong goal. This means society gets away with the faults that make you feel scared rather than being at home in your home. Or if the fears are unwarranted, looking at one's self.
wjt, Mar 02 2019

       So you don't mean "lonely", you mean "alone". Oh well, half a bun for you.
blissmiss, Mar 04 2019

       Sorry bliss, are you feeling lonely. I think a real person is better for solving that problem.   

       [notexactly] any links?   

       [Mindey] I had some thoughts about that. Perhaps the battery condition is also one of the parameters sent, so we can give a solution fit for the situation.
pashute, Mar 04 2019

       There are a few products which are quite close to this. The products are aimed primarily at the lone worker market, which give location tracking and, iirc, sound recording and link to an alarm receiving centre.
calum, Mar 05 2019

       // [notexactly] any links? //   

       No, but I think I've seen info about such an app at least once in the past five years.
notexactly, Mar 07 2019

       Hey calum thanks! Will return a bun on a good idea of yours that I missed since you still can't like here.
pashute, Mar 18 2019


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