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Other General

Objective strategist saves lives
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25 October 1854. Major General James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan stands with Lieutenant General George Bingham, 3rd Earl of Lucan. Frosty resentment simmers between them, as old sentiments brew.

Cardigan: “Well sir, I’ll be damned if i’m leading the brigade into that valley. It’s utter suicide. Look at the guns!” Lucan: “You’ll do as you’re damned-well told and to hell with you!”

A cold silence hangs.

A diminutive figure shambles up... “Erm? Hello?”

Lucan: “What! Who the hell are you?

“General Other Sir! Given the strategic positioning of the Russian artillery, and the lack of clarity of the instructions provided to you Sir, I respectfully advise you consider your decision here very carefully”

Lucan: “And who are you to advise me on my choice of strategy!”

Other: “It’s my role and duty sir. I am to inject an independent, objective view at times when others might make a rash decision, in the heat of the moment”

Lucan: “Harumph! Tosh! And other Words!”

Cardigan: “Hmm. Well sir, in the light of that, I could lead a charge up over the ridge to the south to seize the guns there...”

Lucan: “Oh Bloody-well Alright! Go on then!”

And so, the 600 didn’t charge to their death.

Frankx, Sep 24 2019



       Oddly, no-one seems to remember the Charge of the Heavy Brigade (where General Scarlett's Dragoons broke and forced back Ryzhov's cavalry, at the cost of very light casualties ), probably because it was a well-executed manoeuvre resulting in success ...   

       ("Meanwhile, in another part of the battlefield, Russian troops haul away dozens of wagons of desperately-needed British food, ammunition and medical supplies from the main depot, while the elegantly-attired Quartermaster-General, one Viscount Buchanan, lounges on a camp chair, smokes a large cigar, counts a large pile of gold coins into a leather satchel, and hums 'My God, How The Money Rolls In' to himself ...")   

       And so the poor old ostrich died for nothing ...
8th of 7, Sep 24 2019


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