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New Auto Light

Flash this light to communicate someones lights are out.
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It drives me crazy that so many drivers are on the road with multiple signal/head/brake lights out. Since there is no universally accepted way to communicate to them that they have a missing light (or have not turned them on), I propose a colored light that can be activated from the driver's seat that will be universally recognized as a "check your lights" signal. I imagined something like a colored light flashlight - blue perhaps, that you could direct forward or backward (for cars in front or behind you with a light problem). Similar to baked Car Lights idea (see below), but with a light instead.
trekbody, Oct 20 2004

Car Light http://www.halfbake...m/idea/car_20lights
Hand signals for cars whos lights are out. [trekbody, Oct 20 2004]


       I always thought this would be best communicated by having a switch that allowed me to turn off one of my headlights briefly. It's probably best if it's a momentary switch so it can't be left off accidently.
scad mientist, Oct 20 2004

       A flashing "new auto" light. "Come door ding me, I'm new!" it flashes.
bristolz, Oct 20 2004

       Hmm...perhaps we could just throw Mag lights and rolls of duct tape at other drivers as a hint?
shapu, Oct 20 2004

       How do you communicate to someone that their 'check your lights' light isn't working?
waugsqueke, Oct 20 2004

       There already is a sign:   

       <hi-beam flash> "Bugger, the cops! Oh wait, I haven't turned my lights on."
Nontaigne, Oct 21 2004


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