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i'm sorry light

Apologise for your bad driving
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The I'm Sorry Light would be added as standard on the back of all road vehicles, and would be used by the driver to acknowledge to other road users that he/she had made a mistake. It would dramatically cut down accidents and road rage assaults. The standard light would simply flash the words I'm Sorry... but buyers of more expensive cars could pay for optional extra messages such as Whoops, That Was My Fault and Forgive Me, I'm New Round Here And I Didn't Know I Had To Be In The Other Lane.
gilest, Jun 20 2000

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       "I'm sorry"... or any other text ;-> ...like "Hang up the phone and drive!". Would have to be limited so that last one would not end in "you moron", but then it could be abbreviated to just that. :)
jetckalz, Jun 21 2000

       How about a sign that says *either* "you moron" or "me moron"? All purpose!
Eeyore, Jun 21 2000

       I love the Im sorry sign idea... I think its much needed, as well as the "get off my tail" light... or the "its ok" light to go with the "Im sorry" light... then there is the "you almost killed me" sign, which Id use often....
imroxy, Jun 29 2000

       Already got that one.   

StarChaser, Jun 29 2000

       Baked. I saw this in a catalog the other day. The remote has three buttons: "Sorry", "Thanks", and "Help".
Eeyore, Jul 07 2000

       Maybe one that flashes your insurance details? I still want a "That was undoubtedly YOUR fault" light
Detly, Sep 18 2000

       Better make that a "I sincerely regret it but it won't hold up in a court of law" light.
chooch, Sep 01 2001

       In my town, people flash their headlights at each other to warn of hidden police cars or deer in the road.... perhaps a "Deer Crossing" sign so that we can differentiate?
Galileo, Oct 12 2001

       I don't think legal issues are a problem. If no accident occurs, there's no legal risk in admitting fault - no harm, no foul. If there's an accident, you're probably too busy with other things to think about lighting up some sign on the back of your car.   

       Great idea, especially because it's restricted to a "positive" message.
pwo, Oct 13 2001

       How about a "get out of the bloody middle lane!" light
jellyneck, Feb 03 2002

       I drove out in front of someone while driving last night, and caused the guy behind me to slam on breaks. I felt so bad, I almost wanted to follow the guy to where he stopped and appologise! Thought this would be a good idea, so I came to see if it had been done.
Flux, Jan 27 2005

       "You're going to be sorry!" light to hook up to your airbag system. Make sure there's a mobile "I'm Sorry" version with metal claw, that can be launched from the hood of your car to account for those arrogant people who won't say sorry.
proto13, Jan 27 2005

       Always wanted one of these.
epicproblem, May 29 2006

       is this idea the original?
sweet, May 29 2006

       I was under the impression that it was common practice to flash one's left and right indicators alternately, or put the hazards on for a second, in order to apologise for a mistake or thank a driver for doing something courteous.   

       That might just confuse some people though, so this gets the thumbs up from my corner of the room.
NickTheGreat, May 29 2006

       Cool! I can drive around like a maniac, leave the "sorry" light on full time, and no one can shoot me or yell at me!
phundug, May 29 2006

       Excellent. [+]
kuupuuluu, May 29 2006

       An "After You" or "Go Ahead" signal would be welcome also. But dangerous if someone used it, then forgot and didn't yield afterwards. Could quickly become confusing, the lights would have to cut off quickly.   

       An "Bewildered tourist" would be welcome.   

       A "You should get off my bumper because a live feed of your dangerous crime is presently being transmitted to the police databanks."   

       But it may be better if we keep our communications limited and just drive on, nothing worse than an enraged insulted bully or Type A driver.
M Carter, Jan 05 2008


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