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New Golf Format

Pro - Celebrity Strip Golf
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Now that the Dunhill Cup is looking fo a new format to attract more viewers , why not have the likes of Sergio Garcia , Tiger Woods and Lee Westwood pair up with Gail Porter , Kelly Brook and Caprice in " Pro - Celebrity Strip Golf". Obviously the event would be moved from October to July or August and probably held in camera ( so as not to excite the locals ). The basic idea being that if a celeb "bogey's" a hole ( takes 1 more than par ) , an item of clothing shall be removed and only replaced if their pro partner" birdies" the hole ( takes 1 less than par ). The excitement would be unbearable with accusations of match-fixing and drug taking filling up column inches galore in the tabloid press. I commend this idea to the house !
robbie, Oct 16 2000

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       He's a longballer...He whips out his wood...long way to the hole...In the rough...
thumbwax, Oct 17 2000


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