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New Identity Island

Because sometimes you just can't take it anymore
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Tired of your job? Your life? (Your lack of a life?)

Check in to New Identity Island. In exchange for a small, nominal fee (10% of what you have managed to secure in a Swiss Bank Account prior to your disappearance), you will become a citizen of NII for 10 years (long enough for the IRS and your family to declare you dead). No personal contact with the outside world will be permitted during your stay. While in residence, your personal counselors will review your past work experience and educational achievements. Based on this information, they will create a new identity and past for you which will be 100% verifiable when you return to "real life" in the country of your choice. Job placement services will also be available.

NII will also boast a top University so that you can change careers if you so desire.

runforrestrun, Feb 11 2002


       UnaBubba --- assume the island administrators know whose palms to grease at recognized Universities so that the degrees come from those institutions instead (distance learning at its finest!)
runforrestrun, Feb 11 2002

       UB]: One way to approach this is that no island resident knows what the other resident's ID is to be when they leave the island.  The last thing that happens, between the time they leave the island and the time they arrive back in the world is an extensive bit of cosmetic surgery.  While maybe not a perfect solution to post-NII blackmail, at least a strong hedge against it.   

       To finance this thing maybe the equivalent of student loans pays for the NII sojourn--a percentage of all lifetime income from alums is tithed back to NII, in perpetuity.  A strong motivator for the NII administrators to make sure their education and documentation is first rate, for the better the post-NII placement, the more income they receive.  It would only take a few stellar alums to make it work.   

       [edited to remove reference to our departed PeterSealy]
bristolz, Feb 11 2002

       The problem with the other idea and disappearing completely is that you lose what educational achievements and job experiences you have gained (lose them in that you can't ever put them on a resume again).   

       It would, perhaps, require a type of slavery....but some people would flip burgers for 10 years for a chance to start over. Or, you could teach at the University in your area of expertise while you also take classes in something else.   

       and what [bristolz] says.
runforrestrun, Feb 11 2002

       This does not even need to be a physical place. With the internet you could make it virtual, i.e., establish a new identity online, transfer funds and property through some sort of asset-laundering service, rent or buy a property, get a plane ticket, and off you go.
Turok, Feb 11 2002

       If you made it an island (rather than a virtual thing), Osama and his henchmullahs would move there, and the USA would be obliged to bomb it. Even if he didn't move there, the USA might still be obliged to bomb it (on the principle that it would look good on TV, and people with no identities would be unlikely to complain).
pottedstu, Feb 11 2002

       This idea was inspired by the Fall of the House of Enron and the suicide of one of their executives.   

       [Turok], show me online how to get a new SS#, birth certificate, college transcripts under the new name, and references to verify a job history....
runforrestrun, Feb 11 2002

       UB}: Yep . . . some very creative loan structuring would be in order. I'll bet you could do it.   

       rfr]: Seems Turok merely suggested that one *could* set it up virtually; not that it exists now.
bristolz, Feb 11 2002

       I see that now...my apologies [Turok].   

       Perhaps that's the business I should start. I'll need administrators at Universities willing to add my clients to their database of transcripts. I'll need executives in all areas of business to provide job references. I'll need to start a database of deceased persons so as to claim their SS#s and birth certificates....
runforrestrun, Feb 11 2002

       stu - in which case you would be perfectly safe, as long as you stay within the target zone.
chud, Aug 25 2002


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