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school bus driver

how to make it a better job
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Our local public school system has great difficulty keeping bus drivers. I can't imagine why: they work three hours starting at the crack of dawn, and return for three hours at the heat of the day; it requires a class A driver's license; they have to deal with a busload of other people's [insert your favorite obnoxious age group here] kids; the pay is a whopping $7.50/hr. with no hope of advancement; and it doesn't qualify as fulltime, so you aren't even enrolled in the insurance.

From a citizen's point of view, who does this attract to fill the position? To hand our children over to?

I think the way to deal with this is to fill the remainder of the day for the drivers as security guards. Let the kids off the bus, and follow them right into the school. This makes it full time, at least. The schools all have a security guard or two, already.

On second thought, maybe giving the bus drivers loaded pistols isn't all that great an idea.

bretp, Aug 13 1999


       If schools worked several shifts it would make more efficient use of the school infrastructure, and then the bus drivers would have more to do - when they got to school in the morning it would be time to take the night shift students home.
hippo, Mar 02 2000

       <sarcasm>Ohhh... I would just LOVE to be a night shift student.</sarcasm> Imagine: staying up all day to finish your homework. or: you return home from class just in time to catch daytime television.
dontthink, May 09 2000

       They used to do this in New York City in the fifties. Thousands of kids lived through it. You would, too.
Eeyore, May 10 2000

       Heck! I'd hardly be able to play multiplayer games after school online because the servers would be practically unpopulated. That is not a livable condition.   

       Seriously, night shift school certainly doesn't help the student any, not to mention that you'd have to find teachers willing to work those shifts. The quality of teachers today is already horendous, partially due to the horrible conditions in schools. (read: Most inteligent people don't like to teach becasue that would involve students, often teenagers.) Making them work at night would not help any. Even if you wanted to teach, this might just scare you away.   

       Back to the orrigional point, there would have to be a busdriver to bring the night shift students to school at some ungodly hour. Again, the quality of potential drivers would suffer. Not to mention the inevitably dangerous roads at night. I wouldn't want to send my child on a bus after dark.
dontthink, May 11 2000

       At my kid's elementary, the school bus drivers are also noon aides. So they police the playground and help with lunch.
RayfordSteele, Aug 31 2021


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