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New Year's Osama style

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This idea come to mind after watching CNN and being sleep deprived.

Every New Year's NYC drops a ball in Time's Square. My proposal is this year when they do it they should add a little bit more thrill to it.

Instead of a ball, they should light up a picture of Osama's head and at midnight just blow it to pieces. Or better yet, drive a plane through it.

OK...just a suggestion, going to sleep now.

drfowler, Nov 19 2002


       And when you wake up you'll find a sweet croisant +
skinflaps, Nov 19 2002

       And in Kabul they can blow up a picture of Bushes head - cool.
Gulherme, Nov 19 2002

       It maintains a westernized sense of moral superiority in that by doing this it does not kill thousands of people...yet, it still makes a point.   

       BTW: Unababy is adorable!
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       I don't think that Americans see it that way when a US flag is burnt.
Gulherme, Nov 20 2002

       Flag burning is a sign of disrespect and is no big deal until it is another american doing it...you don't like America, go to Kabul and live.   

       The reason I suggested this idea was not to stir up contraversy. It would just be a public display of intolerance toward Osama. His latest threat for all America to convert to muslim or suffer more attacks like that of 9-11 is a joke. There is a reason that America is called the melting pot, we celebrate and welcome diversity. For Osama to think he can change that with his threats or even with his attacks is ridiculous. I think it is time we as civilians show him in our own way that we don't care about the things he says. Let the government do their part, but let us do something special just to get the message across ourselves.
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       Why dont you all just point and laugh at him.
Gulherme, Nov 20 2002

       Hatred is hatred no matter what its inspiration or target. It will eat you alive if you let it,and then your enemy will have won.   

       [drf], get some sleep. You'll find it easier to be tolerant. Sweet dreams.
egbert, Nov 20 2002

       I am not tolerant of anyone who deliberately murders my friends and their families. I lost 4 close friends that day one who left behind 3 small children. I was here to watch everything as it unfolded. I am the one that lives 5 blocks from ground zero and go by it on a daily basis. I have a daily reminder. I fly in and out of this city about 10 times a year, always with butterflies in my stomach that were not there before Sept. 11th. You don't have to define hatred for me. I know what it is all too well.
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       DrF, my sympathies, I cannot express the horror I felt at watching that day unfold live on TV, I can only guess at how much more horrific it must have been to be there. OBL deserves to be caught and punished for what he did, it is unfortunate in my view that no punishment can inflict upon him the same magnitude of horror that he has caused others.   

       However, Suffering and hatred were around long before they touched your life and those of your friends and family. Beware of assuming that they are strangers to everyone else.   

       I stand by what I said. From the limited contact we've had, I believe I like you, except when you snap at people who are trying to offer kind words. In many ways your reply confirms what I said to be true. I'm truly sorry that you have suffered, but to choose hatred as a coping mechanism will damage yourself and achieve nothing. It's a hard path to resist, but worth it if you have the strength. I also know whereof I speak.   

       If you want to reply, let's take it outside. I'll put my email address on my profile page.
egbert, Nov 20 2002

       As the world's worst terrorist, I should think he'd be only too aware of the effects of terrorism on an individual as well as on a nation.
egbert, Nov 20 2002

       waugs makes sense, afterall he does only show up out of the woodwork when people seem to begin losing interest in him or what he has done. But, it would be a good idea just for the fun of it. I mean it is not going to harm anyone.   

       Sorry, I didn't mean to sound snappy. It wasn't meant to sound that way...it is hard to convey something like that if you can't actually hear what a person has to say.
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       Very true, and sorry in my turn if I sounded preachy, pompous or any of the other things I've been accused of in the past.   

       I'm coming round to your way of thinking on the original idea, as a harmless gesture of defiance it might have some value.
egbert, Nov 20 2002

       Sorry, rewind a bit, I think I missed something...yes, there it is. [drfowler] and [waugsqueke]? Agreeing?! <faints>
egbert, Nov 20 2002

       Well the number of visitors to time's square was extremely low last year. Our economy suffered greatly as we rely on tourists. I think that the people that will be in time's square (always having the thought in the back of their mind that they are in the perfect place for another tragedy to occur) will appreciate the emotional relief it could bring...kind of like the first word in an uncomfortable moment of silence. People there will be a little more tense than revelers before them, it would give them something to look forward to. I plan on being there..and, I would love the gesture personally. BTW: It is against the law to have alcohol in Time's Square. They make it a point to search everyone before they go in...you should see the piles of broken liquor bottles the police make. (so much for the lots of drinks)   

       As far as agreeing with waugs...did you see his photo on the calendar? Does anyone really want to be on his bad side?
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

General Washington, Nov 20 2002

       As yet, I haven't seen conclusive proof that Osama bin Laden was behind it: but then again, everyone else but me believes what they read in the newspapers.
Party Animal, Nov 20 2002

       hummm, I suppose his confessions weren't proof enough for you. The tapes where he spoke in detail about the WTC attacks, and others...sharing information that only the person responsible and the investigators would know about. To discuss this would be mundane, it is conclusive.
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       :) I didn't say it was dry...I said it wasn't allowed. There are ways around it, I guess..though I have yet to discover it.
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       Easy,inject oranges with Vodka..voila.. Vodka & Oranges.   

       but you probably knew that eh ?
skinflaps, Nov 20 2002

       Cute...no, the thought never occurred to be. That may however, explain the phase my brother went through as a teen in which he seemed obsessed with oranges.
drfowler, Nov 20 2002

       Isn't this just Guy Fawkes' night? Sort-of-baked in the UK for the past few hundred years, but with a different terrorist.
pertinax, May 30 2006


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