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Re-enactment Day

Something for the big kids
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Whilst there is a lot to be said for book learning, wouldn't it be more fun if we could act them out?

I propose a public holiday in which you're only allowed to attend IF you help re-enact historic events. Local councils, farms, etc will permit use of park for this.

Stuff for the ladies:
The Suffragists protests
The Suffragettes putting acid into (fake) letter boxes (anyone caught doing it to real mailboxes will promptly be arrested), putting acid on designated parts of parks, one lucky bugger getting to torch down a house (in real life a wooden shed) of a theoretical person who is against votes for women.

Stuff for the gents (and whichever girls have a costume).
Re-enact Culloden, American Civil War, whatever famous battle happened nearest wherever you lived.
Pretend trench warfare from WW1 (the trenches will be filled with soil and trees planted in place afterwards).

Everyone has to pay to become a soldier/ suffragette/ suffragist for the day, you can change your role if you want, and when you enter you're given a ticket. At the end of the day a raffle is called. If you win, you get to dress up as Marinus van der Lubbe and start the mock Reichstag Fire!(with assistance from trained pyrotechnicians)

Of course, the 'Reichstag' is actually a model castle been built for the dual purpose of invading/defending castles during the day, and someone has to burn it down...

froglet, Nov 28 2005


       They do do civil war re-enactments fairly often but I do like the idea of burning down a shed. Must be my inner arsonist.
PollyNo9, Nov 28 2005

       Marinus van der Lubbe, now there's a name I haven't seen in a while, that alone gets a bun.
zeno, Nov 29 2005

       To me, new holidays should be [m-f-d] just like new flavors, unless there's a generic invention stated.   

       However, I think there is a generic invention here. It is: a holiday that you can take if and only if you use it for a particular activity. For whatever that's worth.
bnip, Sep 12 2007


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