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New Years Eve Ammo

Celebrate, don't perforate!
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New Years Eve! You're feeling good. You got a gun! Of course you want to shoot it in the air! But what goes up must come down. Plus all you get is the bang bang. What about the fun?

A google finds there to be shotgun shells loaded with flares and other stuff - see "Fun Ammo" linked (although describing a shell full of carpet tacks as fun seems a stretch. Most of them probably land sideways in the carpet!). What about fireworks to be fired from a gun?

1. You keep the blam. 2. They are fun to see. 3. No need for full muzzle velocity - think Roman Candle or sparkler. 4. Could be day and night models - day with confetti, night with sparks 5. A few of these firework bullets could be included with a case of normal bullets. Gun toters would have a few. When they feel like celebrating, why waste the normal ammo? They will turn to these funny bullets they have laying around.

bungston, Dec 22 2010

Paper Bullets Paper_20Bullets
Original idea involved hurt, but consider the origami variant! [bungston, Dec 22 2010]

confetti guns are baked http://www.easywedd...op/buy-confetti-gun
[xandram, Dec 22 2010]

I guess firework guns are, too... http://sotisbg.com/...images/3.3053_1.jpg
[xandram, Dec 22 2010]


       Semi-baked; not many variants available in small calibres. [+] for pyrotechnic projectiles.
8th of 7, Dec 22 2010

       Such foolishness goes against my firearms safety philosophies, but having discovered that I lost a car window on New Year's day due to some damn fool I can see the logic of this.
normzone, Dec 22 2010


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