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Giant air gun

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If you have ever been to a pub in croston you will have no idea what I am talking about.Because there they have a huge two story indoor play area (I'm to old to play, sniff).This play area has a large air gun that fires the hollow plastic balls from the ball park.It fires them at a blistering speed for a childrens thing, at a bridge made entierly of ropes .The ballsnever hit anyone (the ropes provide a shield). But imagine using this from the comfort of your own home.Reaching for miles sending an annoying pastic ball into that evil neighbours garden would be ever so fun.
gizmo, Oct 30 2003

(?) Chicken Gun http://mirrors.meep...el/chickengun1.html
Oh yes. [skinflaps, Oct 21 2004]


       If it will fire chickens with velocity and at great speed, i'm in.
skinflaps, Oct 30 2003


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