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Ice Cream Gun

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A moddified paintball gun, where the CO2 canisters are placed adjacent to the hopper and used to keep the ammo cold. The munitions, regular paintballs filled with soft ice cream mix, are can be kept at any temperature ranging from "runny" to "hard ice cream."
notmarkflynn, Apr 19 2006

A word on paintball manufacturing. http://www.warpig.c...mlaunch/index.shtml
WarPig [Letsbuildafort, Apr 19 2006]


       I don't like it. Citing saftey concerns reguarding the ammunition, and the fact I certainly would not WANT to eat gelatin-encapsulated dairy products.   

       Besides - CO2 as propellent works on the basis of a temperature difference in order to propell the paintball through the barrel of the marker. One side-effect to a rapid discharge of CO2 is cooling of the container and associated parts that direct this expanding gas. You'd have to maintain a high rate of fire to get the frozen paintballs out of the muzzle of the gun if you were intending on using CO2 as a propellant as well as a refrigerant to the hopper (which you would have to insulate). Even then, you'd be hard-pressed to make a small 20-oz clyinder last that long at all - and after you ran out you would wind-up with a great deal of condensation to mix-in with your choice of ammunition with all the rapid temperature changes going on.   

       I remember running my 'ol Automag off of CO2. I had everything I could possible get to keep it from freezing up during high ROF situations. Had and anti-siphon tube in my 20oz. tank, ran remote, bought the SmartMAG internals for it. New on/off valve, all urethane o-rings - EVERY advantage at the time to prevent freeze-up, and it realy didn't help that much. Really makes me wonder how the engineers designed it with that propellant application in mind. Back then they were known as "Snow Cone Machines" anyway.   

       Also bear in mind that unless you made the ice cream freeze-dried or from a powered concentrate, you would have to worry about selling it and using before it expired ... Or you COULD just go around pelting everyone with rancid milk spheriods.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 19 2006

       Two newlines in a row are a paragraph break. And you did put a manual <br> after "each other".
jutta, Apr 19 2006

       ...and catching a paintball with your teeth is born.   

       <nemesis>Terrible, as usual. Why shoot ice cream when you can eat it? However, I may use this when I finally destroy you.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Apr 19 2006

       Is a nemesis/nemesee relationship a monogamous one, or can one have multiple nemesees? Also, is the relationship mutually balanced, i.e. if I have a nemesis, am I also that person's nemesis in return? The alternative might be that one person can be the nemesis to many others, which leads me to the question; Can one be an unwitting nemesis? Maybe, somewhere out there, is a person who manages to be a nemesis to everyone in existance, and yet remains blissfully unaware of the fact. It could be *anyone*.
zen_tom, Apr 19 2006

       it could be *anyone*...just like the autoboner.
xandram, Apr 19 2006

       <nemesis>I volunteered for the job, in an anno on one of the ideas here.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Apr 19 2006


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