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Multi-cock gun

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Back in the days of the wild west movies, cowboys would cock their gun to convey a serious threat. Let's extend that to a handgun that can be cocked multiple times.

After the first cock (which loads a bullet and/or pulls back the hammer for easier firing), the subsequent cocks would be mechanically pointless, but would serve to emphasize a warning.

Each cocking sound would be progressively louder and more menacing.

"Do you feel lucky, punk?"
"I said, do you feel lucky?"
"Hear that? That was your final warning."

The whole point is to get someone to back down by bluff alone, without ever firing a shot.

Aq_Bi, Sep 05 2006

Leonardo beat you to it. http://www.wga.hu/a...engine/1milita4.jpg
Not quite the same, but what the hell... Sort of what Loris is looking for. [ldischler, Sep 05 2006]


       Wouldn't you just sound like a nervous person with an empty magazine?
pertinax, Sep 05 2006

       tosses croissant in the air for Aq_Bi to shoot at..... SPLAT !! lands on head before the weapon is cocked. (+)
xenzag, Sep 05 2006

       I'm imagining a Mexican standoff with each of the Mexicans sending out for ear protectors after the 15th ***GRRRR-IICKKK-KER-BOOOMF*** <ground-rumbles, dust snows from ceiling, glasses rattle off side off saloon bar>
zen_tom, Sep 05 2006

       [21 Quest], you have been found guilty of using a word not meant for halfbakers ears. You have been sentenced to 20 days in the stockade. Bailiff, take the prisoner away.
DesertFox, Sep 05 2006

       That is good. But it would be better if the subsequent cocks were not useless. Perhaps they could be potentially available to fire following bullets.   

       Then it would be interesting to see people backing off by progressively uncocking their guns.
Loris, Sep 05 2006

       Foley artists have gotten completely out of control on this issue.   

       Watch someone holding a revolver swing it around to bear on a target in a movie, and you'll hear all manner of mechanisms clicking, sliding, ratcheting, reminiscent of pump action shotguns, hammers on semiautomatic pistols being cocked, and revolver cylinders spinning.   

       Don't even bring up the issue of canned laughter, please.
normzone, Sep 05 2006

       I'm pretty sure this is baked on law enforcement shotguns. I know ive seen it on one of those "look at our shiny new weapons" shows on discovery or something like that.
bleh, Sep 05 2006

       This would solve a problem that I have see in television and movies where Our Hero cocks his shotgun or pulls the slider of his automatic so often that by the time he actually takes a shot his magazine should be empty and the ground around him littered with unfired rounds.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 06 2006


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