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New pheremone for the spice rack

Babies seek out nipples (milk) from pheremones, isolate that pheremone then find out if it makes milkshakes, puddings and cheese even more appealing
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Scientific American says, "Research published last year pointed to secretions from the areolar gland "bumps" on mother's nipples as the source of the behavior-modifying, odorous molecules that cue a baby to find its food source." [link]

So, perhaps this would make food, especially milk based foods, even more attractive or increase the satisfaction of eating them. This could be something new in the cheese world.

First they laughed, then they realized it could affect the pizza industry...

beanangel, Nov 18 2018

Scientific American on human pheremones https://www.scienti...eromones-sex-lives/
[beanangel, Nov 18 2018]

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       I'll have a large quattro stagioni with extra anchovies. Hold the areolar gland secretions.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 18 2018


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