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Flax Mill

fresh flax meal on tap
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Flax meal is a great source of essential fats, but it spoils quickly after being ground.

A coffee grinder is OK for making flax meal, but not very convenient and it's a batch process.

This mill is like an over-size pepper grinder with a crank or twist-grip. Flax seeds inside. Sprinkle onto food as a garnish. Get your omega-3 & omega-6.

afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 21 2008

Healthy fats http://goodfats.pamrotella.com/
info-blurb [afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 21 2008]

Flax Seed Mill, $45 http://www.amazon.c...White/dp/B00004YK5S
[jutta, Apr 21 2008]

Flax & Coffee Grinder, < $19 http://www.amazon.c...ilex/dp/B000N65GCS/
[jutta, Apr 21 2008]


       As electronic mills, these definitely exist.   

       For handheld, the flax seeds take a bit of work to get through - you'd probably want something more like a coffee grinder, less like a peppermill.
jutta, Apr 21 2008

       Flax meal goes bad very quickly, so its best to grind just before use, only as much as you need. The cheaper of the mills linked is does not do that. The pricier one looks like it might but its not clear. The rationale for hand-powered is that it would be ready for use anytime without having to fight with a cord or wake the roomies.
afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 21 2008


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