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exploding pepper!

fresh pepper taste without the grinder
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If you use a pepper grinder you know that the stuff in the paper packets is just plain sad. It has no taste. So, I envison pepper corns that have been placed in shrink wrap then 'jolted' so as to create fisures in the kernal (without breaking it apart) when opened the pepper would shatter providing fresh groud taste. mmmmmm
futurebird, Aug 08 2001


       Put peppercorns in a hot skillet and you'll discover that they already *do* explode.
angel, Aug 09 2001

       Baked? Literally.
sdm, Aug 09 2001

       [angel]- I thought the point was to get that same effect, only without all of the work.
Galileo, Mar 27 2002

       [Galileo], I agree with you.   

       I like this idea. I'm not at all sure how one would go about "jolting" the peppercorns so that they'd still stay together yet be fine enough when dispensed from the package. Still, the idea is intriguing.
bristolz, Mar 27 2002

       A long time ago a friend from Iran received a huge amount of seeds from back home - they were uh - hemp seeds so he uh could grow rope and stuff. Anyhoo, he cooked some up - tasted like bacon.
thumbwax, Mar 27 2002

       Sadly, when you "jolt" or break apart a peppercorn, the oils and flavors disipate rather quickly. Maybe it could be accomplished with a black pepper oil spray concentrate.
bobzaguy, Mar 28 2002

       Some of "da boyz" are running away to see if this will work with cranberries.
reensure, Mar 28 2002


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