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New use for Hemispheric, Semi-cryogenic, Colloidal Suspension Dispensing Utensil

flick water with Ice-cream scoop
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It turns out that the common springloaded icecream scoop is spectacularly well suited as a weapon of minimal destruction.

Simply fill the horizontally-held scoop with approximately 1cc of good old H2O, and gently pull back on the thumb-operated spring-loaded semicircular blade.

Then rapidly release the thumb trigger, and behold! An allotment of water becomes airborne, spashing one's opponent with a modicum of wetness.



csea, Nov 11 2006

Ice Cream Scoop http://search.rubyl...lectibles?id=41%2e9
Examples [csea, Nov 11 2006]


       wow [-]
MoreCowbell, Nov 11 2006

       Not seeing this as a half-baked idea.
DrCurry, Nov 11 2006

       I think the poster is half-baked LOL
MoreCowbell, Nov 11 2006

       A slightly creative use for an already existing device. Yawn.
5th Earth, Nov 11 2006

       Dang! I really thought this was one of my better efforts!

       It in fact fits the last of the USPTO's cagtegories for patentable ideas:

Article of manufacture
"New use" of one of the first four (e.g. Machine)

       Have any of you bothered to try this? Kids of the age of 10 or so can be entertained for hours on a hot day with a couple of scoops and a bucket of water.

       But I am a reasonable man, and will mark accordingly if there is no further support.
csea, Nov 12 2006

       Most anything with a title this long deserves some recognition, but I believe that according to halfbaked idea theories, products that involve two or less currently existing finished products are considered consumer advocacy, rather than ideas.   

       Still, this will be fun during our church's next ice cream social... provided I leave soon after showing the children how to do it!
ye_river_xiv, Nov 13 2006

       This is shameless 'bakerbait. You know that title will draw us in!
DesertFox, Nov 14 2006

       [yrx] It takes a bucket and a scoop - seems like 2 products ;) Let us know how the social goes.

       [bigsleep] The original title was "An Analysis of the Trajectory and Terminal Velocity of Aqueous Solutions Accelerated by the Action of a Semicircular Blade in a Demi-hemispheric, Semi-cryogenic, Colloidal Suspension Dispensing Utensil."

I (half)baked this in the 6th grade, and was particularly proud of the way the last phrase ("Colliodal Suspension Dispensing Utensil") rolls off the tongue. Sorry not to have included the hirsute canine version earlier.

       [DF] Well... maybe. But I wasn't fishing for bones!
csea, Nov 14 2006

       csea, you will see that some people take the HB very very very seriously. Dr Curry's "not seeing this as a half-baked idea" and your receipt of a piscine charnel house of bones shouldn't put you off. I, for one, think your idea is spectacularly half-baked. I want to know what you should've been doing when you dreamed this up.
Murdoch, Nov 14 2006

       The only things this idea has going for it is its title. CROISSANT!
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       -but the mismatch between the pseudo-scientific marketing hype of the title and the dullness of the 'idea' itself only increases its fishboneworthiness.
hippo, Nov 14 2006

       I don't know, someone who obviously put more effort into the title than the idea should get some sort of a reward
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       Thanks, [Murdoch], [Mind_Boggle].
csea, Nov 14 2006


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