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Newspaper Stand

Read with your hands free.
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One of the most under-addressed issues in the print media is how darn annoying it can be to operate your average large newspaper. With coffee in hand, breakfast croissant in the other, you can only read what's in front of you. And then, when the dreaded, CONTINUED ON PAGE n appears, you have to set down your food and negotiate the massive newspaper...

Well fumble no more. When you get your paper, separate it into its sections, and then slip the top half of the unfolded section into a clamp on its folded edge on the left side. Stick the clamp onto a central rack (semi-circular and designed like a shower curtain), and then repeat for other sections. Stand on table, and slide each section around: you can read each section like a book.

Compress the stand downward and then you can move the free-floating lower half of the newspaper sheet toward you, for easier reading.

Or alternatively, simply read the section like a book inside the clamp, thus removing all those newspaper re-folding concerns. And helping to not get lost in a sea of newsprint. This is extremely difficult for me to explain, so I will try to clarify as best as I can.

polartomato, Jul 10 2002

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       We obviously have radically different reading / eating / drinking techniques. I place the newspaper on a table and turn pages with one hand. While pages are not being turned, either hand is available for manipulating coffee cup or eating matter, or for administering to the requirements of the lap-based cat.
angel, Jul 10 2002

       Is it a laptom?
thumbwax, Jul 10 2002

       Probably a tabby-let.
drew, Jul 10 2002

       extra room -walpaper glue .....
postseti, Jul 10 2002

       When newspapers were based in treeware, this might be a helpful device. However I get my news from the internet version of the paper, and I can sit at the computer and have both hands free (except for occasional scrolling and mousing). They even have online crossword puzzles.
Aurora, Jul 10 2002

       <self justification> [angel] Yes I tend to use your technique as well. It's just that if I had the choice I would rather be able to use either hand. I do not like to read the newspaper online either. I prefer 'treeware' to monitors. The point is I would basically like to have an easel to place my newspaper on while I am chowing down, that's all. And I think I may have found a way to permit this. </self>
polartomato, Jul 11 2002

       How about something like an easel, suspended from the ceiling by a set of tensioned wires which hold it fairly rigidly ? It would then be suspended over the table at eye level. I have a clothes dryer in my kitchen which could be adapted. This means that no "real estate" on the table is taken up by the paper holder. The device would of course completely obstruct your view of anyone else at the table. This may or may not be considered and advantage, either by you or them.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2002


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