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Page Turner

Putting hard to find reptiles to good use.
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Recently whilst licking my finger for the 73rd time - I had an idea, this will make postal workers go less postal.

Chameleons don't do much all day except blend. Next time you have to put stamps on 2000 envelopes - tape a chameleon to your finger and make use of their sticky tounge to flip over the envelope.

All you need is some stationery with little flies on.

Trodden, Jan 22 2003


       The saliva is definitely sticky/juicy enough - the only problem is the slightly acidic taste.
Trodden, Jan 23 2003

       it's true[bliss] i took an envelope to Taronga Zoo,and the the nice man in the reptile house let me have a go,i'm returning next week with a batch of postcards and a bucket of water.+
skinflaps, Jan 23 2003

       Wet sponge. Next.
egbert, Jan 23 2003

       Just wear a rubber glove instead.
mrthingy, Jan 23 2003


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