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Mood Reader

Play matching mood music through eReaders
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Since more and more people are reading books on eReaders with significant audio capabilities, the opportunity exists to add multimedia capabilities, especially mood enhancement via music and sound, to the book reading experience.

Multiple approaches can work here, from genre and period categorization, e.g. if the book is a mediaval historical novel you could play Gregorian chants to word frequency influencing song or even sound selection e.g. it was a dark and stormy night, to automatically playing a soundtrack if a movie version of the book is available (while indexing to scenes), to of course purposefully created music to accompany a particular piece of literature.

theircompetitor, Aug 21 2010

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AE Van Vogt would approve http://en.wikipedia...The_Human_Operators
[mouseposture, Aug 21 2010]


       As I recall, when this (<link>) was originally published, the author specified the music one should listen to while reading it.
mouseposture, Aug 21 2010


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