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Subconscious Musical Accompaniment

For When Books Need A Soundtrack
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i know that when i'm reading a book that has a particularly tense or dramatic moment, the proper background music can go a long way in improving the entire feel of the book.

instead of having to syncronize the soundtrack with an music player at the same time, i suggest a small player built into the spine of the book with a pair of speakers under where the hands of the reader rest.

when the book is opened, the player is powered by a replaceable battery and the music can be heard faintly, while the tune is transmitted through the fingers. the music is heard and felt without the user being totally aware.

the author or editor of the book will choose the music that they feel best fits with the mood of the book, and it can be set to play at a rate that matches the pace the book is read at.

tcarson, Jun 11 2006


       You're a book?
BJS, Jun 11 2006

       say we start with children's books and ditch the subconscious thing. have the child run his/her finger along the page under the text and have the music play (or indeed have the text read out).
po, Jun 11 2006

       i think it would have to depend on the book. i considered conductive page edges, so the book can tell where you are in it. i think the children's book idea would work fairly easily.
tcarson, Jun 11 2006

       Work well with the horror genre. The book could wait a few random minutes and then continue to speak to you after you put it down.   

       It would no doubt shit the reader right up.   

monojohnny, Jun 12 2006

       It should definitely sense how fast you're reading, and alter the music to fit. Students with a deadline could even program it in: Only 5 minutes left with 20 pages to go? Cue Benny Hill theme!
phundug, Jun 13 2006

       you guys and benny hill, chase music would be useful, although 20 pages in five minutes is nothing.
tcarson, Jun 13 2006


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