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Next Day Clipboard

What you had in your clipboard yesterday is still there today.
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What was that thing I was pasting all day yesterday? It would save me a step if I still had it in my clipboard today.

The information in the clipboard is dependent on the user logged in at the time. No cross user clipboards unless set up by the admin.

sartep, Jun 20 2003


       It's in the nature of the clipboard that it's a temporary thing. If you want something more permanent, why not save a text file on your desktop which you can use for such stuff? A non-volatile clipboard as described would be pretty much the same thing.
angel, Jun 20 2003

       Eh, 'cause I'm lazy. Laziness is the father of invention.   

       Besides with the way hardware is going (solid-state hard drives) this will probably be a feature before we know it.
sartep, Jun 20 2003

       You could easily build this as an add-on utility to Windows. I searched a little and I don't see it already out there.
krelnik, Jun 20 2003

       I used "Speedy Paste" from http://tygi.cjb.net for years... very valuable for this type of clipboard use
manders, Dec 18 2003


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