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PDA Clipboard

Not a big idea, but it's been running around in my head for ages.
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The PDA clipboard would be a two part application, one half running on those computers you use and the other on your PDA. To use the PDA clipboard, you would copy something to the clipboard of one of the PCs as per normal then run the PDA application. Using infra-red (yes, bot PCs you are using must have IRDA ports) the text, image or whatever is blipped into the PDA, allowing you to trundle across to another PC and blip it back into the clipboard.

Upsides: A quick and simple way of transferring small amounts of data from one PC to another. Endless hilarity as people keep blipping rude messages onto your clipboard.*

Downsides: All PCs need the software installed. All PCs need IR ports. It's insecure.

*you could build in some security into the software but then it might lose some of its quickness and easyness.

st3f, Apr 29 2003


       Isn't syncing via IR already done? Can't a PDA sync to more than one PC? Can a PC sync with more than on PDA? So many questions, so little bandwidth.
phoenix, Apr 29 2003

       Yes, yes, and once further yes. Synching with all the PCs would not only take longer, though, and would leave your address book distributed throughout the office. Plus you'd have to paste the clipboard into an application that syncs with your PDA.
st3f, Apr 29 2003

       bliss: If it worried you, think how I felt about it.   

       MrKlaatu: The machines that you are copying data between are probably already networked. What I'm searching for is the easiest way of copying that *really* long URL into the browser of the machine next to the one it's displayed on.
st3f, Apr 30 2003


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