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Rightclick-Regular PASTE and COPY

A link on the rightclick menu for regular pastes.
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Have something that you have to continually copy and paste from another source? Like a huge password? Well, no more, there would be a link to permanetly copy a word/phrase/number until replaced and then this copy would be assigned to one of three presets. Then when you go to paste the word/phrase/number you choose Regular Paste and then choose one of the three presets.
koolcj291, Jan 21 2004


       If the idea is to store and paste in one of a short selection of pieces of text, you can do this in Word - add any command you like to the right-click menu, including inserting text (called autotext), and you can add as many items to the menu as you like.   

       To add a similar feature to work in all applications would probably be quite a big change to a computer system, with modifications to how the clipboard works and changes to all the relevant software.   

       I think you can do it with Emacs too, if you're really old school. Since some people use Emacs for everything from checking email to word processing to developing software, that nearly counts as working in every application.
kropotkin, Jan 21 2004

       Good idea, but it should apply to all applications.   

       [kropotkin] thanks for the hint, just made my life much easier. I wonder why this feature is hidden so deep and not really documented. Anything like that to adjust the menu for Excel and the IE browser?
kbecker, Jan 21 2004

       If you're specifically using this to copy and paste a huge password, be aware that Windows might not be storing that clip in a safe place.
DrCurry, Jan 21 2004


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