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Night Names

So nocturnals can give the time of night
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For many people, night workers, bar-hoppers, cyber surfers and insomniacs, night life is the life; days are for sleeping. It therefore follows that they need names for the nights just like names for the days. I suggest using contemporary gods or icons when naming the seven nights, though Godnight or Reverendmartinlutherkingjuniornight leave something to be desired. Maybe Lincolnnight, Churchillnight, Teresanight, Gatesnight...

In the future one may hear a worker on the last shift of the week utter, "Thank God it's Elvisnight" or an English speaking, street walking Vietnamese sigh, "Another Buddhanight, another new dong" (honest). Carpe nocte!

FarmerJohn, May 13 2002

(?) Day Nomenclature - from Norse mythology. http://thescian.com...ot-their-names.html
[Jinbish, Aug 16 2006]


       What's wrong with monnight, tuesnight, wednesnight, etc. that we already have?
BigBrother, May 13 2002

       We do? Well that's no fun, except for Sunnight.
FarmerJohn, May 13 2002

       ...which would be renamed Moonight?
stupop, May 13 2002

       How about:   

stupop, May 13 2002

       why don;t we do this idea just without silly names for the night time, coz otherwise non- halfbakers will probably refuse to accept them
kaz, May 13 2002

thumbwax, May 14 2002

       Croissant. I believe almost every baker stays up beyond midnight, so why not create a system for the insomniac?
smokeyjohnson, Aug 20 2002

       =/ Well, seriously, I don't think it's really all that wonderfully important. When I read this, I thought it was damn funny. Eh, it'd be funny to hear someone say, "Damnit, tomorrow's Buddahnight, have to make the kids lunch again." Buddahnight.... Oh my Buddah.
Tiger shick, Jan 16 2003

       + yeah, and now I really don't understand why it's Mon-day night, Tues-day night, Wednes-day night...
xandram, Aug 16 2006


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