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Night time temperature adjuster

go to sleep hot and wake up cold?
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During the summer especially, the nights can be very hot, but when I wake up at 5 each morning, it tends to be quite cold.

1. A pillow has two sensors in it that record body and air temperature regularly while sleeping. Based on preferences input by the user, the pillow sends a message to a blanket that can change temperature to heat/cool the user.

2. I realize this is most certainly already baked, but an air-conditioner like device that heats/cools the room to a constant temperature input by the user.

ShellCandy, May 30 2007


       Are you changing the temperature of an electric blanket? Or of the room air in general? And what are these changes based on? Body temperature does not change much, and you would need an anal probe to track that. Skin temperature might change a bit, but I doubt it is more than a degree or two.   

       Clarification is needed.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 01 2007

       First idea changes the temperature of the blanket; second idea changes the temperature of the air. The temperatures change to accommodate a predetermined comfort level of warmth/ coolness. About measuring the body temperature, thank you, I wasn't aware of that. Perhaps measuring the texture/ firmness of the skin (goosebumps, harder=cold; softer=warm)? No idea. Open for suggestions...
ShellCandy, Jun 01 2007

       My thermostat lets me set different temperatures by different times, which seems to do all this.
awesomest, Jun 01 2007

       Ah yes, but can it change according to how you personally are feeling, not just by what you set it to?
ShellCandy, Jun 05 2007

       Perhaps what you need are body position sensors rather than temperature sensors. When people are cold they tend to huddle up into closer approximations of a fetal position. When they are warm they sprawl like a golden retriever in the sun.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 05 2007

       the only drawback to this is the pillow would be really expensive. it has to have some kind of sensor + wireless technology. i guess if you're rich.. (+)
vias7268, Jun 06 2007

       ...it needs a temperature sensor, and doesn't need to be wireless. In fact, you could stuff a sensor into your existing pillow, I should imagine.   

       To put the cost and complexity back in, could the sensor be attached to the user and measure skin conductivity? If you start to sweat, it turns the heat down. Not sure that is a rapid enough response, but at least the signal should be reliable.
david_scothern, Jun 06 2007


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