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neighbour’s noise pope smoke

signalling to the neighbours or their builders that “I’m up”
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woken this morning by a noise that sounds like an un-oiled machine that eats large pieces of gravel and hurls them 30 feet into a tin bucket (or not), I decided that what was required was a device to tell the neighbours that they may resume banging etc.

a simple stove pipe from my bedroom to the top of the roof (not many people have working chimneys these days) and a supply of italian flares would do it.

I have informed the builders that under no circumstances are they to start making an unholy din (sorry) until they see the smoke pouring from the roof..

the colour in these circumstances is immaterial. red, white, blue or black. no smoke – no noise!

po, May 14 2005

Whoa! po, no go. http://www.hmso.gov...a_19930011_en_1.htm
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 15 2005, last modified May 16 2005]


       oh sorry [po], forgot to turn off the gravel hurling machine this a.m. late night and all.
dentworth, May 14 2005

       ah, the imagination is a great gift.
po, May 14 2005

       Neighbour's noise po smoke? What colour comes out when you elect a new po?
wagster, May 14 2005

       Depends on how the old one burns.
Detly, May 14 2005

       Mood Smoke:   

       Black-don't even think about it.
Blue-cute construction guys only
Red-only if you wanna get a teapot tossed at you
Pink-sure, why not, and stop by for crumpets after.
blissmiss, May 14 2005

       My favourite part of [bliss]'s addition is that red smoke and pink smoke look pretty much identical.
Detly, May 15 2005

       "Stop by for crumpets and have a teapot tossed at you."
st3f, May 15 2005

       AWL, ha, this aint from a chimney and no fossil fuels involved. :)
po, May 15 2005

       //a simple stove pipe from my bedroom to the top of the roof // A stove pipe suddenly aint [sic] a chimney? ;-)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 15 2005

       kinda stove pipe without the stove?
po, May 15 2005

       I still would not care. I would fire up the wood chipper and go about my buisness. A- for creativity though
10clock, May 16 2005

       Have you thought of having a long banner made up (say ten foot high by three foot wide) printed with the words "Shut the f**k up!". You could keep it rolled up under the window ledge and unfurl it with the pull of a piece of string from the comfort of your own bed.
wagster, May 16 2005

       One iddy biddy little smoke trail might be OK but what if everyone's got one? You'll never be able to see where you're going with all that smoke in the air. And your clothes will get all smelly. Fish I'm afraid, po. Sorry!
DrBob, May 16 2005

       Your call for more empathy from others reveals a lack of empathy on your part. Do you really think the guy operating the machine at the early hours is in a position to delay without severe recourse? You could get the phone # off the truck, and call the company, and talk to a manager. But, anyone who's within distance from your smoke is not a decision maker, and wouldn't react positively to your attempts.
sophocles, May 16 2005

       hey, empathy is my middle name along with *bloody*.   

       I happen to know that the boss of this cowboy outfit is there at the crack of dawn.   

       oye, DrBlobby - what would your solution be?   

       & yes have to agree with Tindale, wagster's blind is a blinder.
po, May 16 2005

       A charming chat with that callous cowboy would be better than the smoke you're blowing.   

       Sorry the sour anno, princess po.
sophocles, May 16 2005

       //oye, DrBlobby - what would your solution be?//

Violence. There's not nearly enough of it in the world if you ask me.
DrBob, May 17 2005

       How about you just move into the country? Then your neighbors will miles away and you'll have pleasant scenery.On the other hand, there's lots of bugs in the country. *shudder*
hobbitcoat, May 17 2005

       I'm waiting for the next version.
daseva, May 17 2005

       //princess po// been wondering all day where this came from...
po, May 17 2005

       // princess po//   

       came from:   

       1. alliteration   

       2. respect for you as a deservedly royal member of the HB.   

       3. You think that someone doing hard labor for a living should change their schedule to accomodate someone who has enough luxury & free time as to half-bake at a nearly professional level.   

       But don't sweat it. I respect & adore you as much as one fictional HB ID can another. Not that you need it.
sophocles, May 18 2005

       phew, thank you soph, I think.   

       as to no 3, you have no idea, you have no idea!
po, May 18 2005

po, May 18 2005


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