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Measuring Wire

small, handy and adjustable
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Rolled up on a tiny, flat, enclosed spindle, the elastic wire is 40 cm long and ringed with millimeter lines and slightly thicker centimeter lines. It has limited stretch, so pulling it taut allows also measuring inches and tenths, feet, a yard and even a meter (37.4). A useful module addition to assemble-yourself Swiss army knives (if there are such things).
FarmerJohn, Jul 06 2004

Thread wires http://www.thegages...0&Category_Code=541
Not the same application, so not baked, but I've used these to measure thread pitch diameter [normzone]

Pick'n'Mix Multi-tool http://www.halfbake..._27Mix_20Multi-tool
assemble-yourself Swiss army knives [normzone, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Good for measuring spaghetti.
skinflaps, Jul 06 2004

       are you winding us up today? FJ
po, Jul 06 2004

       Jury's out on this one. I'd like it if it could do 5m or so, but the lack of legible numbers would be a problem.
wagster, Jul 06 2004

       Maybe every 5 or 10 cm marking could be blue and/or red.
FarmerJohn, Jul 06 2004

       And the most useful feature is being able to garrotte the contractor with it...
DrCurry, Jul 06 2004

po, Jul 06 2004

       Elastic so you can measure things as they should be, not just as they are. That is true halfbakin'. Stretchy crois to ya.
lurch, Jul 06 2004

       thank you lurch - that says it all...
po, Jul 06 2004

       A must for the tailor/assassin.   


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