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Open Neck Shirt Clip

Wear a t-shirt under an open neck shirt with style.
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OK, So this invention is not going to change the world, but then what can change this bad, mad and wicked world we live in?

My workplace imploys a "Smart-Casual" dress code (misnomer alert!) and most men, including me, wear a shirt in the open neck style.

During the winter months I like to wear a T-Shirt under my shirt. I do not own any sleeveless vests to wear under my shirt, as I still consider myself to be a funky young thing. :)

The problem is that the T-shirt peeks through the open neck of the shirt, and looks very scruffy. I propose a clip that will hold the front of my T-Shirt down onto the top closed button of my shirt.

The clip will attach around the 2nd top button of the shirt and an elastic cord extends to a small plastic hook which holds the top of the T-Shirt.

Would also be useful for the ladies, to do a similar job on a plunging blouse.

You'll agree, No earth shattering invention. But it will allow me to be warm, and neat.

Minimal, Feb 23 2006

Banana Repuplic's spring line http://www.bananare...ategory.do?cid=5424
(Though you might want to tuck the shirt in.) [DrCurry, Feb 23 2006]

Dickey or Dicky or Dickie http://www.dakotama...com/dickiepage.html
Not sure I'd order from this particular web-site, but you get the idea. [jurist, Feb 26 2006]

Beehive plastics: Shirt clips http://www.beehiveplastics.com/
Not quite this, but addressing a similar issue - shoulder straps. [jutta, Jul 11 2006]


       Or you could buy v-neck t-shirts.
Shz, Feb 23 2006

       No. I refuse.
Minimal, Feb 23 2006

       :) I think you just want to show off your chest hair (singular).
Shz, Feb 23 2006

       Safety Pin?
Pac-man, Feb 23 2006

       V-neck shirts feel very weird if you're not used to them.
shapu, Feb 23 2006

       good idea! :)
angrygoatface, Feb 23 2006

       good user name :)
hidden truths, Feb 23 2006

       //V-neck shirts feel very weird if you're not used to them.//   

       Unless you work on the Enterprise.
skinflaps, Feb 23 2006

       I'm puzzled. The hipper men's stores have been selling that look (t-shirt under open necked shirt, sometimes even a fully unbuttoned top shirt) for years now, and it doesn't look scruffy at all.   

       Maybe you just need some new t-shirts?
DrCurry, Feb 23 2006

       You prefer little itchy gizmos to a plain v neck t-shirt? Madness
The Kat, Feb 23 2006

       I do have 1 or 2 v-neck T-shirts, but when I have used them and they are in the laundry basket, I use the non v ones. This is when I would use the clip.   

       It's just a little clip! Wouldn't it be nice if it existed?
Minimal, Feb 24 2006

       //The hipper men's stores have been selling that look for years now//   

       [Dr Curry], You mean GAP? Sorry to tell you, 'daddy-o', but that's shop is not a 'hip' place for us young 'cats' to get our 'threads', at least not where I come from. :)
Minimal, Feb 24 2006

       You are "hip" ? The fact that you are willing to wear a plastic clip on your shirt suggests otherwise, whatever benighted part of the world you live in.
DrCurry, Feb 24 2006

       You wont see the clip, it goes on the inside. You'll just see an open necked neckline....
Minimal, Feb 24 2006

       You're not fooling anyone, any more than your hidden pocket protector is.
DrCurry, Feb 24 2006

       Ah, you funky young thing, you need a dickey or even a turtleneck undergarment to solve your sartorial dilemma and prove your fashion superiority.
jurist, Feb 26 2006

       I've never seen anyone wear a turtleneck under a shirt!   

       I'm surprised no-one has suggested the crevat!   

       I could go and buy some new clothes, as suggested many times above. This is intended as an alternative, and significantly cheaper option.
Minimal, Feb 28 2006

       I agree with [DrC]. I've been wearing tshirts under shirts for years, mainly because I feel the cold but also because I like the look of it (I am young and terrifyingly cool, by the way).

Besides, surely you could just buy a shirt with a higher 2nd button? I can only see this gizmo helping out podgy middle-management types who want to unbutton to third in a subconscious but still awful nod to the last days of disco and the fading memories of their youth.
DocBrown, Feb 28 2006

       re: what DB just said - I suppose a huge dangling pendant swinging around might hypnotise the workforce into thinking you were more suitably attired...   

       DB, are you truly terrifyingly cool?
po, Feb 28 2006

       I'm afraid not [po]. I sometimes approach "moderate suaveness" but quickly drop back down to "not overtly uncool" or "background level smooth". I stand by my comments about podgy middle management though.
DocBrown, Feb 28 2006

       I'm sure you're just being modest :)
po, Feb 28 2006

       //I'm surprised no-one has suggested the crevat// Isn't that French for "shrimp"?
coprocephalous, Feb 28 2006

       Ah, if only that were true [po]. Doesn't matter though - I might not be cool, but I could well be one of the new co-opted adjectives. It's not a long stretch from "dopey" to "dope", for example. Equally, I might be "phat" or "crunk". Only time will tell!
DocBrown, Feb 28 2006

       Uncool is the new cool.
spidermother, Feb 28 2006

       Yeah, one of the local rags had a piece on how untidy middle aged beards were all the rage.
DrCurry, Feb 28 2006

       Written by an untidy middle-aged hack, no doubt.   

       /V-neck shirts feel very weird if you're not used to them./
But surely this little clip will distort your regular-shaped T into a v-necked simulation? How is that different to wearing v-necks in the first place?
egbert, Feb 28 2006

       Next: "Boxer Shorts Clip". So, you can wear boxer shorts, clip them up tight so they can be "briefs" (/tighty whiteys)?   

       Ridiculous, but perhaps not enough so.
sophocles, Feb 28 2006

       Clips would be good to stop boxer shorts protruding from very short shorts.
Texticle, Feb 28 2006

       Well, you can get clips for that (those) too. I'm sure there are plenty of online marts that would be delighted to help you out.
DrCurry, Mar 01 2006

       [Texticle] must know something about very short shorts... do you feel a breeze?
MoreCowbell, Jul 12 2006


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