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No-Ring Zone

Cell phones detect places where ringing isn't allowed
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You could use GPS, the network location, or even Bluetooth... or a lower-power technology not yet found in phones. I'm not sure how this would be implemented exactly. The idea would be for a phone to come off the shelf equipped to detect whether it is near a "no ring" beacon. These would be placed in schools, churches, movie theaters, court rooms, and the like to automatically silence a phone when it comes within proximity.
kevinthenerd, Apr 18 2011


       Ah, not a "singles" bar, then?   

       Even so, [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2011

       Will the user be able to switch this feature on and off?
pocmloc, Apr 18 2011

       Heh, [Max].
blissmiss, Apr 18 2011

       I'll bun this if the "no ring" beacon can be made small enough to fit in a backpack, so I can take one on the train with me.
Wrongfellow, Apr 19 2011

       I'll bun this if the "no ring" beacon can be a series of geostationary satellites, with coverage equal to or greater than the cellphone networks.
Twizz, Apr 19 2011

       Maybe we can have both. A series of geostationary satellites small enough to fit in a backpack. That's definitely worth two buns!
Wrongfellow, Apr 19 2011

       //A series of geostationary satellites small enough to fit in a backpack.//   

       Easy, but the mechanism to extract the satellites from the backpack when they, and the backpack, reach geostationary orbit could be tricky.   

       Alternatively, this would be one way of thinning the crowds at [insert name of backpackers haunt].
not_morrison_rm, Apr 19 2011

       There must be a way to incorporate a GPS 'ping' feature into phones that turn the GPS location on for a short time, locate a satellite, and then shuts it off again for a specified interval.   

       My next Android phone is going to have buttons. I hate a few things about the screen-touch technology and programming currently. So many opportunities for improvement.
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2011

       Beats jamming. What am I saying? Nothing beats Jammin', jammin' till the break of dawn...
4whom, Apr 21 2011


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