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Nose wind breaker

Preventing ugly phone panting
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This device isn't for everyone, it is only needed for those suffering from PPD (phone panting disorder).

I'm not sure what causes PPD, may be a particular shape of the nostrils or over-excitement (or both), but the result is a very unprofessional noise, that I hear especially often when talking to various tech support.

A simple device either would attach to the handset, or would be worn as a sun cap, only not on the top of the head but between nose and mouth. The purpose is to prevent the high-speed air stream leaving the nostrils from entering the handset microphone, causing the ugly noise.

xipetotec, Mar 23 2007


       I do it because I'm creepy.
shapu, Mar 23 2007

       upp yours apparently.
po, Mar 23 2007

       I envisage a sort of Donald Duck beak.
wagster, Mar 23 2007

       What about mouth breathers?
nuclear hobo, Mar 23 2007

       Mouth breathers -- or "sighs" -- can be taken care of by the strict personnel discipline and adequate supply of donuts in the cafeteria to eliminate running.
xipetotec, Mar 24 2007

       I'm thinking a re-naming will be needed before this hits the markets. Most people try to avoid any kind of wind breakage in connection with their noses.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 24 2007

       What about clothes pins?
croissantz, Mar 25 2007


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