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No Hands Sanitizer Comparison Movie

What you could be doing with that time
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This is a movie shown in two side by side frames that starts off as a perfect unison of two men using airport urinals, flushing at the exact same time, turning to leave in exact coordination, and pausing to look at the hand washing station again in exact coordination.

From there the two frames diverge. One of the men stops and washes his hands, and encounters a frustrating experience trying to get the "automatic" soap, water, and dryer to work. That frame becomes a first person view of these systems not working. The other man walks out of the bathroom, catches the eye of a woman walking through the airport, starts chatting to her and as the first frame displays hands yanking paper out of the hand dryer having failed at many attempts to get the automatic feature to work, the second frame displays the second man and his new lady friend exchanging numbers.

The second scene in the movie starts out with the first frame displaying the first man sitting down in a stall in another public bathroom and the second frame displaying the second man leaving a stall. The second man again pauses and looks at the sink, wipes his hands on his pants and continues on his way, leaving the bathroom and walking down the street. In exact coordination, the first man leaves the stall and starts to attempt to use the "automatic" systems at the hand washing station which again don't work, and the second man goes to a baseball game, meets a guy in the next seat who becomes his best friend and they start a business that makes a billion dollars, while the first guy is trying to get the hand dryer to work.

Etc etc.

Review: An intricately choreographed ballet of hilarity and minimalist juxtaposition. Two thumbs up.

JesusHChrist, Feb 21 2016

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       Two thumbs up what?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2016

       Go on, blame it on the automation.   

       // Two thumbs up what? //   

       Don't ask.
8th of 7, Feb 22 2016

       Do we learn of the diseases the "woman walking through the airport" or "a guy in the next seat" catch from the clown who can't be bothered to wash his hands ? Where does the hit man come in ?
popbottle, Feb 22 2016


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