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No addiction drug cycle packs

so your brain won't catch on
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The trouble with any drug is that your body will try to 'normalize' you by making more/less of whatever the drug altered. Take caffeine for example. You take some caffeine and after 4 days it no longer has an effect, you need it to feel normal. Well I suggest that caffeine and other drugs come packaged with and 'anti-drug' that has the exact opposite effect. Take your caffeine, become hyper, then when you're done being hyper take the anti-drug and let you body try to figure out how to compensate! Since you've been altered both ways your body probably won't even bother. There: no addition.

Another idea is to simply take the anti-drug for a few days then suddenly stop. Now you get the effect of the drug 'naturally' because your body compensates in the opposite direction.

At first I thought it'd just be a matter of matching sleeping pills w/ caffeine pills-- but some reading has shown that caffeine and the stuff in sleeping pills (diphenhydramine) work in comply different ways, so some research is need for every pill and drug, to find if it has an opposite.

futurebird, Jul 20 2001

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       There is at least one example of an 'anti-drug' I know of, although I believe Irn Bru - the well known Scottish anti-alcohol drug - is relatively unfamiliar to non-Scots (apparently, it's big in Russia... go figure). The evidence for its restorative effects is overwhelming though. I myself find that the lingering effects of a good session the previous night can be completely canceled out through the medicinal use of this substance in the morning. A full bottle usually does the trick.
Guy Fox, Jul 20 2001

       There are several body-detoxifiers on the market, Goldenseal being the first that springs to mind. Aside from maintaining general good health or trying to get rid of a cold, people use them to help remove pesky controlled substances from their systems in case their employers test for them. I don't know if they flush out caffeine, though.
nathandrea, Jul 20 2001

       If they have it pittsburgh I bet the locals would call it "ion boo" (don't get me wrong I love the Pixburgh (excuse me, *Pittsburgh* accent)
futurebird, Jul 20 2001

       Won't the combined effect of both drugs simply cancel one another out?
snarfyguy, Jul 20 2001

       The idea is an ok one, but illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of how the body deals with several different classes of drugs both in the physiological changes they do (or do NOT) bring about, and how they are metabolized. A simpler idea: don't abuse and overuse drugs of any sort, and you won't need this concoction. If you NEED something like caffeine to function, something is wrong. Quitting is easier than developing yet another money drain for your preferred habit.
djanaba, Jul 20 2001

       Here, here!!
Persian Princess, Jul 21 2001

       [djanaba]: I agree entirely, but I'm still going to annotate. (takes sip from cup of strong black coffee, drag from cigarette, knocks back whisky and settles down to type hoping that this won't knock his amphetamine rush off track.)   

       [all]: Instead of trying to find a counter drug for every drug that's used how about installing a small detox unit in the body. So, say your favoured drug is alcohol. When you come back from the bar and want to go to sleep you click the green button on your detox remote control and it filters the blood for alcohol and stores it. When you fancy letting go, click the red button and the alcohol is re-introduced. Paaaaarty time.
This idea has three main downsides:
1) It requires surgery.
2) Colour-blind people may have a problem with the buttons.
3) Its completely insane.
st3f, Jul 21 2001

       4) It won't work.   

       Would you expect this to use custard or nanites for filtering?
StarChaser, Jul 21 2001

       well you see... you get an anti-gravity device.... interacts with the vernon/casmir effect... in a box... so that the drug is there and not there at the same time
RobertKidney, Jul 21 2001


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