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Oxytocin amnestic as adjunct for minor procedure

Does it hurt if you dont remember that it hurt?
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Many medical procedures are unpleasant. People undergoing them are given pain relievers but also medicines (usually benzodiazepines related to valium) that impair the laying down of memory, so they do not remember it was unpleasant. But these drugs have real side effects like oversedation, and can take hours to wear off.

Oxytocin is routinely given to women delivering babies and is safe. It facilitates contraction of smooth muscle: good for delivering babies but also for stopping bleeding since smooth muscle is around blood vessels. It is a peptide with a short halflife. Oxytocin also suppresses the laying down of memories (link). I propose IV oxytocin could be a safe adjunct for minor surgeries, endoscopies and other procedures and it would make them less unpleasant, at least in retrospect.

bungston, Jul 13 2011

Oxytocin and memory http://www.ncbi.nlm...gov/pubmed/15501488
[bungston, Jul 13 2011]


       Ah, the parsing, the parsing.
bungston, Jul 13 2011

       Of course, there is no linguistic implication that midwives are women; the word means 'with (the) woman'.
spidermother, Jul 13 2011

       the mother delivers the child assisted or no. Leave it to medicine to give credit for the birth to someone other than the mother.
WcW, Jul 13 2011

       They could go to the Oxycotton club?
xenzag, Jul 13 2011


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