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rebp01 at yahoo

"The man who raises the first fist is the one who's run out of ideas..." H.G. Wells

[Mar 21 2004, last modified Mar 10 2023]

(+4, -2) 4D Rubik's Cube
(+7, -4) Airplane Food
 Anti Theft Snot
 Automatic Bonsai Candles
(+4) Bathroom Stall Overhead Door
 Bread Color
 Bucket Truck Ballet
(+1) Bumper Subs
(+2) Chocolate Paste
(+2, -1) Chopstick Gloves
(+15, -3)(+15, -3) Clothes Dryer Ice Cream
 Code Number Bumper Stickers
(+2) Comic Book Soap
 Computer Virus Protection Skin
 Crawler Killer
(+2) Critical Care Barbie
(+13)(+13) Duct Tape Bonsai
(+2) Easter Egg Printer
 Exam Study Toilet Paper
(+9)(+9) Fear Factor TV Dinners
(+9)(+9) Fishbone / Croissant Coin
 Flower Painting
 Food Fight Themed Restaurant
(+11)(+11) Funeral Barbie
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Gang up on the Homeless
 Garbage Delivery Trucks
 Garbage Mining
(+10)(+10) GoogleTracks
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Groovy Cube
(+3, -1) Mood bun
 MRI Microwave Oven
(+5, -1) Non-Dribble Cup
(+14, -2)(+14, -2) Nonsense Language Songs
(+4) Painting The Sky
(+2, -1) Passenger Drive Through
(+7) PDA Message In a Bottle Game
(+1) PIN Lottery
(+3) Polarized Caption Glasses
(+34)(+34)(+34) Popcorn Sundial
(+1) Project Specific File Associations
 Public Processing
 Queer Eye for the Homeless Guy
(+1) Robo Food
 Self Adjusting Ball
(+2) Self Tuning Stringed Instruments
(+14)(+14) Shake and Bake
(+2, -1) Single Symbol Music Notation
(+1) Song Unsticker
(+4) Splash Pictures
(+13)(+13) Splatter Painting
(+10)(+10) Sprinkler Tunes
(+3) Stained Glass Window Printer
(+6, -3) Sudoku Soap
(+1) The Hoosier National Forest of Art
 The Kitchen Sync
(+2) The Office Fling
(+3) Throwing Up (not what you think)
(+4, -1) Under the Hood Bakeware
(+1) USB Boss Watcher
(+6) Venetian Irises
(+19)(+19) "Warm Snaps" Coffee Cup Lid
(+9)(+9) Water and Oil Painting
(+2) Windows Feng Shui

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