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No, really: don't take this with alcohol!

Kill rats and warn humans with them
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Just about every medicine known to man has the warning "do not take this with alcohol". The reason for this boilerplate is that negative effects of alcohol are very difficult to differentiate from possible side effects of medicine and also because the effects of literally any depressant can be exacerbated by alcohol. Since all possible side effects must be listed and alcohol is so commonly abused the side effects of alcohol come up again and again. FDA approval of medicine is extremely conservative and saying "no alcohol" is super easy and side steps large amounts of testing. As a result of this situation some people who totally aren't me ignore the warning, it being a case of crying wolf.

This medical research branch would consist of a review of the side effects of alcohol when combined with other medicines, with the intent to weed out the boilerplate from the serious dangers. Drunken rats would be given medicine in typical doses and if they survive on to drunken monkeys. The output would be a list of medicines which are untested, medicines which don't actually seem to have additional side effects aside from what normally happens with booze, and a list of medicine which definitely-no- seriously should NOT be taken with alcohol.
Voice, Mar 06 2023

Drug and Alcohol Interactions - What to Avoid https://www.drugs.c...ns-and-alcohol.html
45% is a bit less than “just about every medicine none to man.” [a1, Mar 07 2023]

Alcohol - medicine pairings The optomistic version of this idea [pocmloc, Mar 07 2023]

Side effects may include https://babylonbee....-tuesday-afternoon/
[a1, Mar 08 2023]

Fibroblast Growth Factor https://neuroscienc...cation-sober-22733/
Drunk Rodents Sober Up After a Hormone Shot [a1, Mar 08 2023]


       //The reason for this boilerplate is that negative effects of alcohol are very difficult to differentiate from possible side effects of medicine//   

       Far more likely in many cases it's just a holdover from the second world war when they just outright up and lied to sqauddies about the bad effects of alcohol taken while on penicillin simply to put them off going out, getting drunk and hooking up with a local or a hooker on their r-n-r time off base, in an attempt to cut down on STD reinfection rates, the theory being that they were less likely to move on to the hook up faze if they didn't imbibe first .. it was such a widespread practice among army doctors that the lie pretty much became an urban myth as a result, a certain amount of cross 'infection' of that myth to other medications is to be expected.
Skewed, Mar 07 2023

       Okay, what about the medicines approved after WWII?
Voice, Mar 07 2023

       //what about the medicines approved after WWII?//   

       //cross 'infection' of that myth .. is to be expected//   

       But I don't say it's likely so in 'every' case, I just expect it to be more than a few.
Skewed, Mar 07 2023

       I could never abuse alcohol. I love alcohol.
21 Quest, Mar 07 2023

       //Just about every medicine known to man has the warning "do not take this with alcohol".//   

       That doesn't seem to be the case the case here (UK). Is it /actually/ the case in the USA, or do people just believe it to be? I mean, I know of one or two, but then, some drugs also list other things to avoid and I think it's clear that they are known issues.   

       Searching for the phrase "do not take this with alcohol" (with quotes) gave seven results (9 including duplicates google wanted to exclude) - two for Inositol & Choline, two for Ambien, and some randoms.
This is a surprisingly low number to me. But it's because you've mangled the quote.
Repeating the search without quotes gives a much larger number of hits, and they are things like lists of drugs which you shouldn't take with alcohol, and the specific increased risks.
I think it's pretty clear that these are known risk factors, not general precautionary measures.
Loris, Mar 07 2023

       The"do not take with alcohol" thing in North America is a blanket ass covering statement for liability issues.   

       Why pay to research that which you can wash your hands of with a single sentence?   

       I dispute your premise that this warning is on “just about every medicine” and slapped on as boilerplate (link). And why test on drunken rats when there are so many politicians going to waste?
a1, Mar 07 2023

       ^^ Could be that the politicians have historically taken every prescription med with alcohol, morning noon and night, which is why they are the way they are. So we must try fresh with some other vermin, like rats.
whatrock, Mar 07 2023

       I mean, if I were working at a regulatory body and some company was trying to get a licence for something, and the instructions said words to the effect of "do not use this product in association with <commonly performed action>", with absolutely no explanation, I think I'd be negligent not to ask "why not?"
Loris, Mar 07 2023

       // I'd be negligent not to ask "why not?" //   

       Whilst others would say instead - "really? watch me!"
a1, Mar 07 2023

       [+] Address those overly cautious warnings that cause them to get ignored.   

       "May cause anal sinusitis, exploding bowel syndrome and cannibalism. Ozymandiax, for a happier, healthier you. (But seriously, don't get drunk on this shit.)"
doctorremulac3, Mar 07 2023

       Maybe you can use alcohol with your meds, as long as you also get a fibroblast chaser (link).
a1, Mar 08 2023


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