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Everyone knows about implants, right ? Well how about outplants: remove organs from the body and encase in concrete rucksack, where they are afforded greater protection. Possibly most useful for professional boxers and other sports-people.

Could be detatched completely for short periods, eg. sprinters could take out their stomach and intestines before racing to make themselves lighter. Male swimmers may also like to "pull off" their reproductive organ in order to reduce drag - a common problem I believe ;)

lubbit, Feb 28 2002

Lyrics for Detachable Penis, by King Missile http://www.asklyric...is_Lyrics/25950.htm
Quite catchy, actually. [jutta, Jun 09 2005]


       We had an organ protection idea before, but I think it involved subcutaneous kevlar. I think this one falls into WIBNI territory.   

       By the way, if you survey those male swimmers I think you'll find they already... oh, never mind.
phoenix, Feb 28 2002

       This idea really strikes my fancy, for some unidentifiable reason. Maybe it is the systematic inversion of trendy thought. Maybe it is the detachable penis (the subject of one of my very few recurring dreams - but that's another story). Maybe it's the idea of a boxing commentator: "Ooh, Sonny takes a hit to the kidneys, er, to the side where his kidneys should be."Thank you, lubbit.
quarterbaker, Feb 28 2002

       There was a chapter in "Consider Phlebas" where the hero attends a sort of 'accident party' where the guests have all been surgically altered for the evening to look as if they have been in terrible accidents. Many of them have organs and intestines hanging out of them, encased in invisibly thin film bags.
wagster, Jun 09 2005

       not exactly on topic, but they are experimenting with cancer treatments in which the entire organ (the liver, say) is removed so that it may be more energetically irradiated without harming surrounding tissues. They then put the thing back in and away you go.
crater, Jun 09 2005

       An extension of this idea would enable easy replacement of failed organs or even organ upgrading.
Ouroborus, Jun 01 2006

       Plug-n-play organs.. nice. bun, although the concrete is perhaps not necessary. Also, lacks RFID (dont wanna lose your spleen, now do you?)
epicproblem, Jun 01 2006

       Isn't Microsoft developing a body interface system?   

       Welcome to the Add New Organ wizard. To install a new organ click here. To reimplant from a backpack, click "Have Backpack"
phundug, Jun 01 2006

       Cute, but this ground has all been covered before by John Varley.
normzone, Jun 01 2006


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