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Pram Cowcatcher

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The shopping mall, or high street: wide, rolling prairie, an expanse to be traversed timeously, in accord with your exacting mental timetable.
Shoppers: cattle, plump flesh obstacles, lolloping oblivious across your path.
Your child's pram: a mighty iron steam engine, heavy with momentum, charging straight forward, trajectory inviolate, bovine consumers thrown left and right by the unyielding form of the pram's cowcatcher, the spanging and slamming of meat on metal prossibly submerged beneath the spastic handclaps and gleeful chuff chuff woo-wooing of your infant.
calum, May 01 2007


       They could have done with this in "Battleship Potemkin".
hippo, May 01 2007

       Re-enact the Cannonball run through the supermarket complete with Casey Jones baby cap.
skinflaps, May 01 2007

       + Just watch out for little old ladies.
xandram, May 01 2007

       + Aim for little old ladies.
nuclear hobo, May 01 2007


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