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Nod-off Detecting Reading Light

Knows when its time for lights out!
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I like to read before bed and have been known to nod off to sleep. When this occurs, I have noticed two distinct things that occur.

First I will fall asleep and end up leaving my light on all night long, wasting energy. The second is that I will nod off for a few moments and then re awaken moments later and resume reading.

A nod-off detecting book lamp would allow me to nod off and have the lights turn off when this happens allowing me to both stop wasting energy and to encourage me to remain asleep rather than waking up and resuming my late night reading which can easily lead to an all night session when a good book is involved.

Now you can read your book and keep your job to.

jhomrighaus, Dec 30 2007

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       We suggest that the trigger mechanism is attached to the book, and works on detecting page turns. If a page isn't turned for 10 minutes, then the reading light slowly starts to dim over a further 10 minutes until it is out, or down to a "nightlight" level if this is preferred.   

       It doesn't address the problem of falling asleep whilst wearing spectacles, then rolling over whilst asleep and bending them. But you can work on that ...
8th of 7, Dec 30 2007


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