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Noise-Generating Fan

More consistent sound when using "Breeze" setting
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Many fans have a "Breeze" setting which causes them to turn on and off every second or so. I propose adding a speaker to such fans to play fan noises while the fan is off, preventing the fan's sounds from varying when used in breeze mode.

Admittedly, this invention can be simulated by using an oscillating fan with "Breeze" turned off. Or obviated with a quieter fan.

aguydude, Apr 28 2015

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       hit EM AGIAN haRDER hARDER ! yEAH
popbottle, Apr 28 2015

       I deduce that the noise of the fan is thought to improve the perception of coolth. Consider that, while older fans are stuck making "fan noise", this fan could make any noise and would serve its purpose best by making the most cooling noise possible.   

       It is nonobvious which noise optimally increases perceived coolness. I think one would need to do this empirically, with an evolution towards cooler and cooler noises. It would be so easy if the noise actually made things cooler as one could use thermometer readout to test fitness of noise. Subjective coolness is harder to quantitate.
bungston, Apr 29 2015


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