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Home Chemo Port

Dousing the house from one convenient location
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A friend's recent surgery to eradicate his cancer, and the subsequent installation of a "port" through which he receives his chemotherapy, made me think: We apply so many chemicals to our homes, yet do it in such haphazard fashion. Why not centralize the process?

ChemPort is a standardized fixture that receives any of a number of different locking mechanisms, allowing the introduction of household chemicals such as air fresheners, disinfectants, and pest control products, to the airstream of the HVAC trunk line, upstream of the first branch.

The benefits are many: Chemical manufacturers, knowing that their product will not be seen except by individuals installing them, will not waste time and energy developing fancy packaging that looks adorable when left on the coffee table. Nor will they need to manufacture tiny little fans to go with their product.

Said chemicals will be dispersed evenly (assuming the HVAC system was designed well and is working properly) throughout the house, so the whole thing will smell spring fresh.

In the case of pest control products, it makes the best use of the whole-house fan, sending the product throughout the house at one time, leaving the little vermin bastards no place to hide. Hopefully.

elhigh, Mar 06 2006


       Only real issue I see with this is that you would really need two ports - one to the areas frequented by people (the HVAC part), the other to the areas frequented by vermin (below the floorboards, inside the walls, Multiply, etc.).   

       Oh, that and the fact that I hate air fresheners.
DrCurry, Mar 06 2006

       I'm not keen on air fresheners myself. I prefer my house smell like...well, nothing, if I can have that as an option. Or food. Fresh halfbaked bread. What the heck, I'm boning this too.
elhigh, Mar 06 2006


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