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Noise cancelling window screen

silk & piezoelectric
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A lovely spring or fall day, neither too hot nor cold, and you open the windrows for some fresh air. The minute you do, the neighbour decides it's a lovely day tp run his lawnmower or leaf blower.

With MIT's sound suppressing silk fibers (link) incorporated into your windows screens, you can have you fresh air without the noise. Or at least a soft susurration rather than annoying noise.

This is "half" baked in the sense that MIT really has such a fiber but it's not ready for commercialization yet. And I''d like to take credit for this specific application, as I haven't seen it elsewhere yet.

a1, May 10 2024

Single Layer Silk and Cotton Woven Fabrics for Acoustic Emission and Active Sound Suppression https://onlinelibra...1002/adma.202313328
[a1, May 10 2024]


       Read deeply enough into that paper and you'll find the same fabrics can also be used to generate or reflect sound as well as attenuate it.   

       So... not only could you silence annoyingly noisy neighbours, you can throw their noises right back at them!
a1, May 10 2024

       I don't think the neighbor running a strimmer cares that his neighbor is making strimmer sounds.
Voice, May 11 2024

       True dat. He's deaf.
a1, May 11 2024


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